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After reading further in a walkthrough it seems like the original game was probably packaged with a map. If so that was very wise of the publishers.

1993 game...  just google ambermoon map... there tons of scan's on the web...

Well  I have a ship now but without a map I can't know where to go. The visible area on the screen is so small that I can't tell where I am or where to go. My opinion of this game is dropping quickly to zero!

In the advanced version do we ever get an overall map or are we limited to just the dungeon maps? I have seen the map in German but I need English.

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Deleted 44 days ago

Help, I think I'm screwed. I got the tools from the horse trader but I think that I forgot to actually put them in my inventory.  So now I have no tools and the guy doesn't have them. He just tells me to get his golden horseshoes again.  I can't break down the wall in the cellar. Is there anything I can do?

You can add the items with cheats. They can be activated inside the options. Then you can enter commands in the console window.

Type “items” to see a list of items and look for the index of crowbar, pickaxe and shovel. Should be 141 to 143 or so.

Then type “give 142” or the appropriate index and the item will be added to your inventory.

You can turn off cheats again after that.

It is a limitation of Ambermoon that you can leave even important items in conversations, but not after battles.

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Thank you much.. After much trial and error I managed to get the pick.. I also realized that I did not get the monster eye either, so I got that.  Great game but I would be doomed without the cheat.  

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Thank you for your help.  I have made no changes of any kind but the game will not even launch now. Edit: I deleted the original game and downloaded it again. Now the original version runs fine, on full screen. Edit again:  Wrong, game won't launch now.  Can't even get to the save screen.  I give up. Edit again:  OK so I didn't give up and I got it working somehow.  I have no idea how. But it won't work for full screen.. No matter.

Hm. You can try to start from CMD. Then you might see some error printout. Also try to delete the config file ambermoon.cfg. Make a backup somewhere else beforehand. Then start the game without the config. Note that the names of savegames 11-30 are stored inside the config, so they might get lost this way.

Thank you. I tried different resolutions and found one that will work above ground but  not in dungeons like the grandfathers celler.  Now if I only had a decent weapon I could continue the game.

If I get you right, the game crashes in the cellar but not on other maps? Not even in town? You can find weapons in the cellar (I know you can’t go there) and buy some in the town. There you can also find a companion who has a better weapon.

Sorry I didn't explain. The game does not crash in the cellar the window just shrinks to the min size then returns to full screen when I go up.  It's not a big problem though.

This sound really strange. Maybe some issue with your graphics hardware?

According to 2 different walkthrough there should be a short sword in the grandfathers celler.  There isn't. Restarted game several times to check. Without that short sword I find it impossible to get anywhere in Stannenberg or whatever  because daggers and knives do so little damage and break often. Bandits are just too many.  I have also deleted the whole game and downloaded it again in case there was corrupted file.

You should use the standard version from the version selector at start, not the advanced version. The advanced version is an extended and also slightly modified game, which I develop. There the shortsword is replaced by a dagger but you can still find a shortsword on the same map. But in a different chest.

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Do you mean that there is still a short sword in the grandfather's cellar somewhere?  I haven't found it and I have searched everywhere several times. Unless the sword is behind that unbreakable web. I haven't tried to kill that spider yet until I got a better sword. I would really like to continue the advanced version. Thank you.

It is indeed behind that web. ;) It is a bit more challenging to get it now.

I have win 7 64 bit and the game will only play in min screen. If I try full screen it crashes. Any ideas? Thank you.

What Fullscreen resolution do you use? Are other windowed resolutions possible inside the options?

Does this have a built in tutorial, or should I dig up an old manual for it? It looks great. I'm excited to try it.

Thanks. A manual would be good. There is one included in the download but you can also find some on the web. Have fun!

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I've got two questions:

1. Why do different professions have a different amount of XP to rise to the same level?

2. Why when my characters go up a level, their traits do not go up as written

? (Each time they increase the amount of change per attribute decreases by 1 until it can no longer decrease (reaches 0, then instead of 0, it returns the change of all attributes to the original number).

You can see in the pictures that the compromise, at a level between them compared to the difference in XP does not make sense.

In addition it can be seen that the amount of life is not a product of their level.

And that at an increase in level, the amount of TP he received is half of what it should be, 8.

EP: 6718

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This only allows one image at a time.


Please note that the original game is from 1993 and I ported and improved it. So some ingame decisions were not done by me and I can’t answer your question without guessing. If I have to guess, I would say because different professions are stronger than others. The warrior gets levels very slow but will be a machine in end game. Or maybe the designers thought that mastering as a warrior is harder than being a skilled adventurer. I can’t tell you for sure.

The values however should fit. But I understand the confusion. The tooltip is not accurate and I will fix this in the next release.

The real increase value is a random value between half the displayed value and the displayed value. So in your example you will get 5 to 10 points of LP for each level up. For SP and SLP your intelligence will also add a small bonus (INT divided by 25 to be precise).

As I said I will rework the tooltip to add this information. Thanks for reporting. ;)

I had another crash while using the key to unlock the last room in thieves' test. When I reran the game, it asked me if I want to load the crash backup instead - which I did, but the door was still locked and they key was not in inventory anymore. I had the game properly saved before attempting to use the key, so I tried to reproduce the crash, but it didn't happen again - and I tried several times.

Was there an error message? Can you send me the savegame before that door?

Yes there were an error message - a longer one, which I forgot, but if there is a way to see all possible error messages I would recognize the one I got.
Sadly, I have overwritten the saved game before that door, that is why I was hesitating to report the crash since I don't really have much information to provide about it.

The problem with error message is, that some of them are produced by underlying systems like the OS or some libraries and I only forward them or add some more information to them. So it is impossible to show all messages.


I hope to find time to try this. I loved Albion and often wanted to try its spiritual predecessor but I've always had trouble with Amiga emulation so this is a great chance.

I don't know if Albion developers mentioned Ambermoon as their influence, but it certainly is; the similarities are just too many to be a coincidence. is basically Ambermoon with quality of life improvements, smooth movement, and optional graphics enhancements. The gameplay is the same, at least in the original version (there is also a "advanced" version). If you liked Albion, you would like this one for sure.


the two games are made by the same core team, so the similarities make sense.

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Great work, remaking an old game and making it more accessible. The game itself is also very good. I don't know if you are aware of a bug: happened when my character (solo at the moment, Linux version) was at very low health during a fight at Spannenberg. At the end of the fight the game crashes with a message "Attempted to divide by zero".

Thanks for your feedback. Do you mean after you killed the last enemy? Did you have only 1 HP left?

Yes, after killing the last enemy, and I had 1 HP left. I expected to see the loot screen but I got this "Attempted to divide by zero" message instead. I reloaded and did that battle again but no bug appeared, presumably because I had more than 1 HP in the end.

I think that is a rare edge case where the average party hit points is below 2. I think I know where this leads to a crash and will try to fix this asap.


I just wanted to play this game in winuae and I was looking at how to make it play faster in 3D areas and I find that precisely now a very well-achieved retro version of this game for PC has just been made.

My most sincere thanks and appreciation for the good work done, it's fantastic.

I have one question to ask you:

I wanted to not use the new pc and play on an old laptop that I have with Intel 2nd gen and HD 3000 graphics chipset which supports OpenGL 3.1 and W10 64b but I can't get it to work.

I've tried updating drivers, installing OpenGL support from the microsoft store, alternative drivers, ... and nothing, no way.

The last thing I was trying is this:

Which is a bit confusing and I don't know if I'm already wasting my time and simply the game is compatible with this old integrated graphics.

The error it gives me is:

"VerionUnavailable: WGL: OpenGL profile requested but WGL_ARB_create_contect_profile is unavailable at ..."

Could you tell me if I have a chance with or is it better that I forget to try?

Thank you!

Thanks for your nice feedback. This looks more like a OpenGL issue and not glfw. OpenGL 3.1 should be enough but maybe your driver/card doesn’t support it fully. Your best chances are finding better drivers I think. But maybe it won’t work with your old hardware.

nothing, I've tried everything I've found and it doesn't work for me with an HD 3000.

I've tried with another old laptop that has an HD 4000 (Intel 3rd gen) and with this one it worked the first time.

It's just that playing with a 10th gen and 2060gtx seemed too much to me and I prefer to use it for new games :D Thank you!

Bit late of a reply but it seems to be an issue that Intel HD3000 graphics drivers have with Windows 10 (not as good of support as Win7 had).

I think this was the workaround I used on my old laptop with HD3000/Win10_64 (I don't have that laptop with me so I'm not certain):

the game close itself as soon as i open it, can someone help me pls?

What is your operating system?

The game is not opening here :/ when i select the version it just closes.

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Hi, there were reports that the advanced versions (the lower two) are crashing. Have you tried one of the top two versions? Of course I will work on a fix asap.

This is now fixed in 1.6.10.


Hi Pyrdacor,

I'll write to you here too :)

Your work on Ambermoon is great, keep it up :)

All the improvements you made in this game round it off really well.

I'm also extremely excited for your advanced version and can't wait to see it after Ambermoon "Classic".

I started a new recording session today with patch 1.6.5. After 2 crashes in Illien, I had to go back to version 1.5.1

Then I saw that you have already released other patches. I also tried version 1.6.8 offscreen and discovered the following bugs in both versions:

1. in the German version 1.13 there is no text under the abilities of some items, only the number that something is increased. 

But this is not the case for all objects.

I had this bug with the following items:

- Necromancer's Dagger

- Lich crown

- Robe of the Magus

2. sometimes the music cracks slightly. I noticed this especially in Illien or in Newlake. Maybe because this music is generally louder.

3. The game always crashes at the same place for me.

In Illien at Pelani's Palace, when I go from the entrance hall to the right room, after a few repetitions, a crash occurs with the following text:

'Value cannot be Null. (Parameter 'Destination array')'

I assume this is due to the rapid music changes within the palace.

I hope it helps you.

Thanks again for your great work :)

best regards,



Thanks for your feedback. I will only have time on Monday to look at this but will do so asap. ;)


I could fix the missing ability names and the crash. Will provide a patch soon. But I can’t reproduce the music cracks. Is this specific to some music or does it happen in general?


I only get it on some soundtracks.

An example would be in NewLake. But it could also have been because of my headphones. Don't have it anymore in 1.6.10.

Music crash and missing ability names should now be fixed in 1.6.9.


So, I did some tests with 1.6.10 and couldn't find any bugs so far.

I've been to Illien, NewLake, tried some old fights and so on.

I'll keep you posted if I discover anything again :)


Amazing work, this was one of my favorite games back then.

I noticed a bug while playing, i am in the tunnel to Burnville, and the fire giant at the end seems to crash the game when he uses spells.

I just updated to 1.6.5 from 1.6.4 and now the fight seemed to work without problems, strange

that was just luck it seems i encountered the same problem again with a fire giant in bollgar tunnel. the game just freezes

replied to the issue on github

This is an issue which is known for some time now. Unfortunately it only happens sometimes and for most people it never happens. I couldn’t reproduce this on my end. Not even with savegames which then crashed for others. So it is hard to track down. But I will invest some time into fixing this of course.


1.6.6 was just released and should fix the issue. ;)


It's an amazing game, and I'm sure it does justice to the original game. But yes I have two major issues with the game:

You can not advance towards your enemies, and some of the enemies have spells is other ranged weapons, which causes you to have to wait several turns before you can start attacking them (assuming you have no range weapon is spells). And it also limits the ability to move on the battlefield, how many times I had to spend a queue on repositioning because of it.

So I'm glad they'll allow the player to move freely on the battlefield, (it does not seem particularly difficult to me, and that's why I have no problem asking for it).

2. Another thing is dealing with poison, poison in this game is a death sentence most of the time, you get two bottles against poison and that's it (at least in the first part of the game - the boss battle in the cemetery in the first city), and there are many enemies who have the ability to use poison, so I have already been used in potions, and then I suddenly after the battle discover that neither the merchant sells potions against poison, nor the healers in the house of healers, there is no possibility to remove poison is to let go of damage. It just makes sense to her that it's such a cruel sentence.

So in my opinion every trader should have had an unfinished inventory or renewed every day of potions against poison, because it does not make sense such a situation.

And in my opinion it is recommended that the merchant's potions be renewed in general, because no self-respecting merchant is left with the same merchandise of last week, the product is finished he brings more (only in the matter of potions).

And the game collapses if a battle lasts too long.

Thanks for your feedback. The original game is from 1993 and I preserved most of the game mechanics.

However you can advance in battle. At least if there is a full empty row between you and the enemy. Use the large arrow button in the center.

You can cure poison (and all other conditions) for some gold at the healers. Moreover you’ll find new party members who can heal conditions as well later in the game.

And there should be quite a few antidotes to buy. You checked Alkem’s tower north of Spannenberg? Or the trader in the thief guild?

Thanks, it's very helpful.


Found this gem on the web recently, and now I see on as well. The original on Amiga was most likely the best rpg I played on that machine. And I was hardcore fan of rpg's back then. This game is huge and fun, hopefully all gamebreaking bugs will get squashed (I still remember having two installs, separately in German and English, to bypass some error that was present in English version while German was fine). Good times.

I only wonder if at some point you'll be able to run Albion on this port as well, or maybe even port Albion to original Amiga? There were demos of Albion on Amiga that I was able to run but actually not play since it was just a test for the 3d-engine. And it ran smoothly on Blizzard IV/030/50 MHz :)

Just a few links to this demo:

Couple screenshots

Blue Byte site (archived)



great gameplay but the graphics are old, will follow though

Unfortunately, the mac version doesn't seem to work


You have to allow non-appstore apps in the settings of the Mac. Then Ctrl+Click the game an choose “Run”.


I added a small section to the game’s page to describe how to run the app on Mac. It also has a link for the required setting. Let me know if it works for you.

You made it work? Do you have a M1 by any chance?


Wow looks great. I never got around to playing the original!

Thanks. Have fun!


looks ok but plays so good!


This is nothing short of sensational. Ambermoon is the predecessor of the excellent Albion and has only been available for Amiga so far. Now everybody has the chance to experience this game without the need for emulation. Thank you so much for your work to bring this classic to "the masses" :-)

Thanks for you kind feedback. I hope you have fun playing it.

My game crashes when the last character dies.

The entire game window goes black except for any message window (such as when dying to a chest trap), and the undecorated white text "DATA UNKNOWN TAG: SEX 0:0" appears. The first split-second of the death music plays before cutting off.

I am using Windows 10 64-bit and this bug occurs in Original 1.13 Deutsch and Original 1.14 English. It does not occur in the Advanced options (0.01 for both languages.)

Thanks for your bug report. I will work on a fix asap.

Should now be fixed in 1.6.3.


I didn't think I would get hooked, but here I am.
Thank you very much, the game is a lot of fun!

Thanks. I wish you much fun with the game. :)


o jogo não abre

Linux? Mac? Windows?


Try to install glfw or OpenAL.


Thanks for the new patch. The game now works fine here and I can manage the saves. ^^ Now I will try to play more and after record this for a review.


Is "grandfather's cellar" at the beginning of the game supposed to be pitch black?


Yes. Try to use a torch. ;) You can find some in the house.


(4 edits)

On Linux (Ubuntu 20.04):

Creating a new game for a second time causes the following error:

$ ./ 

[ALSOFT] (EE) Failed to set real-time priority for thread: Operation not permitted (1)

[ALSOFT] (EE) Failed to set real-time priority for thread: Operation not permitted (1)

Error while preparing game: The given key '9' was not present in the dictionary.

Error creating game: The given key '9' was not present in the dictionary.


Update: Opening up the `ambermoon.cfg` file, adding the key `9` and setting it to a random value (no idea what this is for) allows the game the load. Deleting the CFG file also works, but the issue comes back as soon as you try and launch a second time.

Should be fixed now in the most recent update. ;)


This is incredible. Thank you for this!

Reminds me a snes game


It looks great ! gj <3

Lords! I ran into a problem when launching the game. Half of the screen is filled with green stripes. Is there a solution to this problem?


Update your video driver. Often this helps dealing with such issues.


Nice Game!

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Hi, I unpacked the tar.gz but can't get it to run on linux... am I missing something? Do I need some kind of amiga emulator?

When I try to execute it from command line, it replies "command not found".


Did you try sudo chmod +x It sounds like Linux doesn’t recognize the executable as such. And no, you don’t need an Amiga emulator.

(1 edit)


Permissions to execute are enabled, though, so I'm somewhat lost.

If it can help you with debugging, I'm running Mint 20. 

I had tried a simple sudo and it didn't work, I'll see if chmod works.

I think I'll try to run the windows executable with WinE next.

Thank you!

(1 edit) (+2)

for some reason the file didn't want to start by double clicking for me either (also Mint), but I opened a terminal in the folder and wrote ./ to start it that way and it worked :)

Edit: I now read you already tried the command line, so maybe this was a different situation (or you forgot the ./ for executing it)

A simple ./ should do the trick. Don’t forget the “./” at the beginning. If this still doesn’t work, let me know.


update the game :)

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